House and Townhouse Carpet Cleaning

Restore your carpets and banish dirt and allergens that are hiding deep inside with professional carpet cleaning from Langley Carpet Cleaning. We use industry-leading cleaning products and equipment to ensure our carpet cleaning services meet modern requirements. Our cleaning solutions are safe and eco-friendly — perfect for homes with kids and pets. We have both truck-mounted and high-powered portable systems so no job is too big or small.  As we clean your home, we begin to dry carpets as move room to room, in order to expedite the drying process. When we are finished, we groom the carpets, moving any V-marks from our wand and eliminating any footprints, as though we were never there!

Apartment and Condo Carpet Cleaning

Do you live in an apartment or condo? No problem. We’ve got you covered! We are equipped with the best portable carpet cleaning machines the industry has to offer. Our portable systems have nearly the same power as our truck-mounted units. These machines are designed with commercial cleaning in mind, so they’re more than powerful enough to handle residential needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the 1st floor or the 20th, the results will meet the same high standards we deploy in detached homes and townhouses. We bring a drier to every portable job to quicken the dry-time, moving the fan around as we move from room to room.

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture and upholstery need to be cleaned regularly just like carpets. Over time, these pieces get worn and faded due to regular wear and tear, but also due to spills, natural oil buildup from skin and pets, etc. Our upholstery cleaning services can make your furniture look great again, eliminating stains and refreshing the colours, giving your upholstery the clean look and feel they once had. We can professionally clean:

  • sofas, sectionals, recliners, and ottomans
  • dining and office chairs
  • mattresses and headboards
  • patio furniture

Regular, professional upholstery cleaning is not only about keeping your furniture clean and maintaining its aesthetic appeal, but also about keeping your family healthy. Cleaning your upholstery can reduce allergens and dust-mites, helping to improve overall indoor air quality. Cleaning your furniture also extends its lifetime, so you can enjoy each piece for years to come. Langley Carpet Cleaning’s insured and experienced cleaning technicians can restore your residential and commercial upholstery so you can get back to relaxing and working on it for years to come.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We work with businesses large and small to help maintain their commercial, office, and retail spaces. Whether it’s your employees’ office carpets, or carpeting in your front-of-house, customer-facing areas, regular commercial carpet cleaning is an important facet of business upkeep. Carpet cleaning not only makes these spaces more inviting by making them look their most presentable, it also disinfects and sanitizes, removing allergens, dust-mites, and more. Your employees and customers deserve cleanliness and a healthy environment in which to work, shop, or do business. We service every type of commercial carpet cleaning, from restaurants to medical clinics, from college campuses to general office space, and everything in between. See what a difference it can make!