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We're Different

FLOOR PROTECTION: When we arrive we will place runners and mats across your tile and hardwood floors.

WALL PROTECTION: We will protect the corners of walls and furniture, as well as wrap wood bannisters if necessary, to protect them from any friction from our hoses.

NO UP-SELLING: We do not sell Scotch Guard. You will not be asked to purchase it — or any other chemical add-on. We do not charge a disposal fee for the dirty water we extract. Additionally, we will not up-sell different cleaning packages (ie: wand cleaning over a rotary tool). We believe charging differently for different tools is absurd. Clean is clean. We use every tool necessary to get the job done. Our prices don't vary based on the tools required.

Air Infiltration

Do you have dark lines along the edges of your baseboards, under doors, or along the sides of your staircases? This is called air infiltration. It's not dirt! These marks are caused by air breathing through gaps in your home's construction.