Vapor Steam Cleaners can clean, sanitize, deodorize and minimize your work and use of chemicals. The purest most natural solvent is created by water, super heated to produce steam and pressure for amazing cleaning results. Steam Cleaning can actually make some of the most difficult cleaning jobs a pleasure and no longer a chore.

Welcome to Carpet Cleaning Langley. We are owned and operated by Only Way Cleaning Services Ltd.

Our names are Beverly and Peter MacGregor. We have been cleaning for 38 years and still love what we do every day. As a family-run business, you can take comfort that we will treat your home or business just like our own, with an added attention to detail the chains simply can't offer.

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We know it can be challenging finding an honest, reputable, and reliable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning company. We hear our customer's stories everyday. We find it hard to understand these stories sometimes. Every company has one chance to gain your trust and respect. It's all about first impressions. That's why we take ours so seriously. With your first cleaning service with us, our goal is ensure you don't have to keep looking. We aim to be your go-to carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning specialists for years to come.

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We're Different

FLOOR PROTECTION: When we arrive we will place runners and mats across your tile and hardwood floors.

WALL PROTECTION: We will protect the corners of walls and furniture, as well as wrap wood bannisters if necessary, to protect them from any friction from our hoses.

NO UP-SELLING: We do not sell Scotch Guard. You will not be asked to purchase it — or any other chemical add-on. We do not charge a disposal fee for the dirty water we extract. Additionally, we will not up-sell different cleaning packages (ie: wand cleaning over a rotary tool). We believe charging differently for different tools is absurd. Clean is clean. We use every tool necessary to get the job done. Our prices don't vary based on the tools required. 

Air Infiltration

Do you have dark lines along the edges of your baseboards, under doors, or along the sides of your staircases? This is called air infiltration. It's not dirt! These marks are caused by air breathing through gaps in your home's construction. CLICK HERE to find out more!

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Empty homes, move-in, and move-out jobs must be paid for before or at time of cleaning.

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