Restoring Carpet Since 1981

Below, you’ll find a selection of photographs from various jobs we’ve been on throughout the years. Every job is unique. Not every carpet can come up like new. But more often than not, you’ll notice a dramatic change in colour, vibrance, and even texture. Click on the images to enlarge them.

We see many carpets in a variety of conditions. The photos in this gallery are to show you what’s possible. It is always best to clean regularly; we suggest once a year, but we realize this may not be in everyone’s budget.

Try your best to avoid wearing dark-bottomed footwear indoors as the dyes in rubbers (shoe soles), leathers (moccasins), and darker fibres (black or blue socks) will bleed onto carpet over time, creating irreversible damage. Vacuum regularly and clean when carpets look dull. There is more to cleaning a carpet than just removing stains. It’s also a matter of household health. Cleaning out the pollutants, pollen, hair and dander, and whatever your pets may bring in or shed, is important for your indoor air quality.