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When is the last time you had your tile and grout cleaned? 

In the past century, tiles have moved up to become one of Langley's favourite choices for both its classy appearance and its utilitarian function. While ceramic, porcelain, and marble tiles do come with a host of advantages, proper cleaning requires more effort than most people realize. Carpet Cleaning Langley provides full tile cleaning services designed to keep your tiles shining and healthy.

Some property owners may think that a simple wipe down is good enough for tile surfaces, but the truth is that this method does little to address bacteria, mildew, and mold that can live in the pores of a tile's surface. With each Carpet Cleaning Langley tile cleaning visit, we deploy a combination of hand scrubbing and powered washing techniques to not only clean what you can see, but also what you can't.

Instead of working for hours trying to get your tiles back to a healthy sheen, give us a call today. With the right tools and knowledge, we'll have your tiles and grout looking great in a fraction of the time and at a reasonable cost. Set up your Langley tile cleaning appointment by calling 778-829-4557. You can text us images of your flooring to this number as well, to help us provide you with the most accurate quote. For larger residential, or commercial jobs, an in-person estimate may need to be arranged.

Our Pricing for tile and grout cleaning is $1.00 - $1.30 per square foot. Our Minimum Service call is $150.00 and applies in most cases, unless we are on-site cleaning carpets already, in which case, a discounted rate for tile cleaning may be possible.

You can email us with any questions about tile and grout cleaning at:

A Customer's Tile Cleaning Experience...

“I was searching for a reliable, experienced service to clean my slate tile and grout. I had had two previous estimates that were outrageously high for a cleaning service and to “colour my grout”, which I did not want. Peter gave me a fair estimate based on the amount of hours worked and a detailed explanation of the process involved to safely and efficiently clean my slate floors prior to applying a sealant. The results were spectacular! The cleaning brought up the colour of the tile, which I had not seen in years! The results have been very satisfying and I would highly recommend Peter and his wife Bev for any cleaning service for a reliable, honest and efficient service.”

Alita Reid

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Empty homes, move-in, and move-out jobs must be paid for before or at time of cleaning.

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