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We specialize in cleaning and restoring your precious couches, sofas, armchairs, chaises, dining and office chairs, and much more, restoring them back to their best possible state of appearance and comfort. Using our state of the art upholstery cleaning machinery and equipment, we can rejuvenate your soft furnishings to a like new again. Carpet Cleaning Langley ensures your home or office's seating are dry and ready to use again in the shortest time possible, creating minimum inconvenience so you can get back to enjoying your furniture.

Our cleaning products are gentle on your furniture and safe for you, your children, and your pets, and customers. Clean upholstery helps to maintain the health of your indoor environment. All cleaning residues are rinsed away in the final cycle of the clean, leaving your items clean, fresh and safe for renewed use for years to come.

We make every effort to ensure the cleaning substances we employ are green, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. Items are left nearly dry, in a PH-neutral condition, and free of detergent residue that can promote rapid re-soiling. If you have allergies in your home, it is imperative that you kill dust mites regularly. Our high-temperature cleaning solutions stops mites in their tracks, and extracts them out of the furnishings.

Ever thought about what's living in your mattresses? We can steam-clean these as well, letting you rest easier, knowing your mattress is clean and healthy. Please note that memory foam mattresses cannot be cleaned in this fashion owing to the water retention of the foam.

Have an older piece that's looking a little tired? Why replace expensive furniture when you can restore it? Our cleaning methods can extend the life of your furnishings, breathing longevity into their use. With appropriate care, your upholstered furnishings can last a lot longer than you may think, but regular maintenance is key. Just like your carpeting, soft furnishings attract oils, residues, hair, pet shedding, dander, bacteria, etc. 

Consider having your upholstery done the next time you have your carpets cleaned. We often extend discounts in such cases, particularly if a piece is in good condition. 

We offer cleaning solutions for a full range of upholstered items, including, but not limited to:

  • couches
  • sofas
  • love seats
  • sectionals
  • chairs
  • dining chairs
  • office chairs
  • chaise loungers
  • patio cushions
  • pillows
  • mattresses
  • ottomans
  • ... and many more!

Give us a call today to discuss your upholstery and furniture cleaning options: 778-829-4557

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Empty homes, move-in, and move-out jobs must be paid for before or at time of cleaning.

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