Bringing a carpet back to life that has not seen a cleaning in years

Langley Surrey  Carpet Cleaners
Surrey cerpet cleaners
We see many carpets in a variety of conditions, we take pictures on occasion to show you what can be done. It is always best to clean regularly, we suggest once a year but we realize this may not be in everyones budget.

Try to remove shoes from entering a carpet as the dyes in black shoes will bleed onto carpet, moccasins are never to be worn on a carpet, I know they are comfortable, but the tannins will ruin the carpet in time. vacuum regularly and clean when carpets look dull. there is more to cleaning a carpet than just removing stains, it is your health that is important, cleaning out the pollution and pollen and hair and dander and whatever your dogs bring in, is important for your indoor air quality. 




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