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Deep Steam Cleaning of your Home & Offices Upholstery, Arm chairs, Sofas & Couches.

We specialize in cleaning and restoring your precious Sofas and Armchairs back to their best possible state of appearance. Using our state of the art Upholstery cleaning machinery we can rejuvenate your soft furnishings to a like new appearance. Carpet Cleaning Langley ensure your Chairs and Couches are dry and ready to use in the very shortest time, causing the client minimum inconvenience.

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Safe Environmentally friendly Upholstery Solutions and Cleaning Methods.

The cleaning products we use are gentle on your furniture and you. Clean upholstery helps to maintain the health of your indoor environment. All cleaning residues are rinsed away in the final cycle of the clean, leaving your items clean, fresh and safe for your family, pets and employees.

We make every effort to ensure the cleaning substances we employ are Green, Eco friendly,  and non toxic. Items are left nearly dry, in a PH neutral condition and free of detergent residue that can promote rapid re-soiling. If you have allergies in your home, it is imperative that you kill dust mites regularly, this is not done with carpet cleaning, it is done with 350 degree vapour cleaning.

Bed Bugs and dust mites and their eggs will die on contact with this heat, clean your beds once a year, dust mites are in your mattresses, your furniture, pillows, and rugs, and if you have animals it is much worse. Give us a call.

Upholstery Cleaning

Why replace your furniture when you can have it look like new? We can restore the color and extend the life of your upholstered furniture using the best cleaning process that is right for your fabric.

With the appropriate care, your upholstered furniture can be used for many years and always look nice. We can remove dry soil contaminants like household dust, dust mites, pollen and dander and restore the beauty and freshness of all your upholstered fabrics.

Your furniture is part of your home, it is the couch you nap on or the recliner you watch your favorite TV shows on while resting your feet.

Just like your carpet, upholstery will get soiled from constant use. The good new is that just like your carpet we can clean and renew your upholstery as well

Langley Upholstery Cleaning uses truck mounted equipment that produces high heat and powerful suction that will clean your furniture like no other method.

So if you live in Langley Cloverdale or any surrounding areas  give us a call to set up an upholstery cleaning today.
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Here at Carpet Cleaning Langley our trained carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians are ready to take your call anytime. We have a trained staff of upholstery cleaners who can treat different fabrics and l bringing it back to its original luster and shine.

Keeping your upholstery clean is not an easy task. A lot of furniture is covered by upholstery which constantly sustains the wear and tear of everyday life. That's why any house cleaning should compliment itself with the services of professional upholstery cleaners every once in a while. We at Langley Carpet Cleaning have exactly the right carpet and upholstery team ready to take care of all your upholstery and furniture cleaning needs.

One of the best ways to clean upholstery is by using the steam cleaning method. Steam cleaning upholstery uses steam vapor to deeply penetrate in between upholstery fabrics and clean all the dust and bacteria nested within. When you call Carpet Cleaning Langley you are guaranteed the best steam cleaners to come and clean your upholstered furniture using only the latest upholstery cleaning  equipment.

The steam method of cleaning upholstery is the best way to guarantee fast and efficient stain removal from all upholstered coverings. We only use a natural upholstery cleaner as part of our effort to enhance environment friendly carpet cleaning. 

Full Range of Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Langley has been in the Langley upholstery cleaning business for years and know just how frustrating it can be when pets, children, or just general wear and tear can leave your treasured furniture or fabrics looking and smelling like they've seen better years. Fortunately, our upholstery cleaning services are the antidote and will have your chairs, sofas, curtains, and more looking great again. One of the biggest challenges for upholstery cleaning in Langley, Surrey is being able to understand the myriad materials that are used today. From classics like silk and leather to new blends, the right cleaning method and products can be vastly different and a mistake could leave your upholstery severely damaged. However, with Langley Upholstery Care, there will be no worries and we'll never attempt to clean something without first knowing exactly how it should be done. In addition to the obvious appearance benefits from having your upholstery cleaned, there are other important aspects of a service as well. Our detailed cleaning will remove odors, pollen, and mites as well as extend the life of your upholstery for years to come. To discuss your cleaning options, call a friendly Carpet Cleaning langley representative by dialing 778-829-4557.

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